Over 25k plays on Soundcloud, with a decent following on twitter, Yony has been producing quality music for years. Raised in Jupiter, Florida, Antonio, as a young boy, was always encouraged by his parents to play music. They themselves were not really all that musically inclined, but his mother always wanted to be. So, she strongly encouraged him to get involved with the art form. It was the age of 5 when he started playing piano. But wanting to do other things as a kid, Yony quit a just few years later. But the music was in him now. The tree had been planted and the seed of rhythm had begun to bud. In the 6th and 7th grades – for band class – Yony took up the French horn. Also enthusiastic about sports, by the time high school came around, he was also engaged with digital design.  A versatile young man, he never lost his passion for making music. He remembers watching video game montages back then, and hearing Skrillex songs on almost all of them. “This new genre of music, electronic dance music production, really sparked my interest and I wanted to learn how dubstep was made.  I eventually downloaded Ableton Live, and would sit on the computer for hours and hours learning it and about all of its different plugins.” As luck would have it, Antonio stumbled upon a group with a sound that he had never heard before from a group was called, Barely Alive. “And their audio design was amazing. I wanted to be able to make sounds just like that! Along with Virtual Riot, and Getter, they were the biggest inspiration behind my music.” Driven with that intensity, it was back on to YouTube Antonio went.  And after sitting in Ableton for so many hours, after watching so many videos on music production, Antonio Deliso is where he is now.

Among the things that has been special and cherished by him during his producing career was the love that he received on his “Sitting Pretty” remix. “It felt so great to have so many people enjoying my music so much.” One of the most inspirational moments in his career happened when at an event in a huge mansion on the water. “It was just so incredible to play good music for so many people with such an amazing view.”

Coming up this year, Antonio will be putting out several singles from a new EP that should be finished around October. He is hoping to play some shows, perhaps a short tour, along the way.

A very motivated and confident producer, Antonio’s ultimate goal is to be able to make a living doing what he loves, sharing his music with the world, and playing shows.

“This is my life. This is a big part of me.”

Production aside, Yony is also a great DJ with exceptional mixing techniques. And he always know how to keep a crowd happy.

Contact: antoniodeliso@gmail.com