Danu5ik is a blast of fresh air right into your ears. Danu5ik’s talent is a stunning thing to behold. It’s not everyone who can blend house and dance sounds with a fresh, modern appeal, but Danu5ik does the job just right. His fascination with the connection between the worlds of computers and EDM has greatly shaped his signature European House sound.

His live performances and explosive energy is bound to land him on the shelf next to the great DJ legends. The skill behind this nimble-fingered selections are enough to cause even the most hardened music-goer to pause for a moment in consideration of the masterful melodies emanating from the speakers.

Danu5ik’s music is heartfelt, honest, catchy and endearing and it’s sure to sweep the country and remind people exactly what great music is all about.

“Synthonization” is available across all of the major digital EDM music platforms, including iTunes, Beatport, GooglePlay, Apple Music & Amazon.com

Get it HERE

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For more information about Danu5ik, contact Wilf Libgott of https://www.hammarica.com | wilf@hammarica.com

To book Danu5ik for your next show: https://www.danu5ik.com/booking-request
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